Participant Profile Tabs:

(See image below)

  1. On each tab, there is a list of custom questions for staff to use when keeping records as well as when they are developing goal plans with participants. Questions on the intake tab are select questions that come from other tabs for easy entry.
  2. Each tab represents one of the 15 "areas of life" along with a unique tab to this agency (intake) and info. Some of these tabs also show "sub tabs" that will appear on a white bar just below the main tab
  3. These are the notes that pertain to that tab of information only. Notes can be added right on this tab at any time, Goals can be set from each tab area by clicking on "Add Goal" or by going to the navigation menu.
  4. To return to the "Goals and Notes" section, click on this button at the top.
  5. When a need is discovered as the question are being answered, click on "Provider Search" to find agencies that can serve those needs from the boarder community . This can be entered into their goal plan.
  6. The navigation menu is available in the upper left of each page for easy navigation anywhere in the tool.

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