Resource Check-In:

One final main section of the MPOWR tool is the check-in feature. This feature enables agencies to quickly give or assign resources and check people into the agency or assign resources and check people into the agency or special areas of an agency. It can be helpful when working with Food Pantry's, Clothing Shelves, and Shelters.

  1. The list of services or items that your agency offers and would like to track are listed here.
  2. Each resource can have rules that govern the eligibility for the resource such as being eligible once/per calendar month, or eligible based on the number of members in the household, Etc.
  3. Clicking the "Check-in" link will record the giving of the resource to the participant.
  4. Based on the rules in the system, the eligibility bars indicate whether the participant you have pulled up can receive the resource. Red indicates they do not qualify or have received the resource already, and green bars indicated that the participant is eligible for the resource.
  5. Situations may alter eligibility and therefore resource rules can be overridden and the item/service can still be given. This column is where you can view any resource override notes that have been entered for the client or new overrides can be entered here.
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