Completing The (R.O.I.)

If this is the first time your agency has set up an ROI for this person, a listing of available agencies within the continuum in which the participant can share data will appear. Select any agencies where data sharing would be appropriate and beneficial for the participant.

IMPORTANT: Checking these boxes will allow for the exchange of data regarding visit dates and items/services received from other agencies ONLY. This does NOT release specific demographic information, goals, case notes, documents, or any assessment information in the system. The step following this one will allow for additional information to be shared.

1. The Expiration date is automatically calculated and monitored within the system and is set to expire one calendar year from the date the ROI has been completed. This will reset as the ROI is updated, regardless of which agency does the updating.

2. Select the agencies to share by checking off the appropriate boxes, OR by using the “select all” check box to open up sharing for all agencies.

3. After the appropriate agencies have been selected, click on “Continue to Specific ROI”

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