Main Dashboard

This is the main Dashboard you will see after a successful login:

The Four Quadrants:

(1) Coming Due- This quadrant shows participants with upcoming follow-up dates color coded by follow-up dates. Those that are within the next week will be RED, those in two weeks will be YELLOW, and any beyond that time frame will be GREEN.

(Clicking on a name in this quadrant would take you directly to the goal or assessment listed).

(2) Upcoming Birthdays- This quadrant shows anyone in the agency with a birthday in the next 15 days. These are also color coded by upcoming importance.

(3) Incoming Notifications- This quadrant will show contact if you have received any referrals that you need to act on by accepting or declining the referrals, as well as the sent referrals these can be found in the Referrals menu.

(Clicking these referrals will take you to the referrals action screen)

(4) Participant Activity- Shows any participants you have logged visits for in the previous 30 days.

(Clicking on these names will bring you directly to their goals/notes screen)

Client Name Search:

(5) The client quick search box will search any portion of a last name entered and return a list of participants along with options for what portion of the system you wish to go for that participant.

System Messages:

(6) The System messages box will display ANY messages sent out by MPOWR system administrators or those with permission to add agency-wide messages.

(These messages may be reviewed and turned on and off by clicking the broadcast icon on the left)

Participants: (Main Menu)

(7) The main menu items on the left side can be collapsed or expanded as desired.

(Add A Participant will bring you to the expanded search screen and its where you may add new participants in the database)

(Check-In/Check-Out will allow you yo quickly give recourses to individuals)

(Provider Directory/Quick Referral is where you can search for agencies who are available in the community) (Quick Referral allows you to accept/decline referrals as well as enter follow- up status notes and view all referral history)


(8) User profile data (username and password information and email); Field and drop down changes, both system wide and continuum-wide are available to you from this menu if you have access rights to these features.


(9) Analytics

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