Goals and Notes:

  1. This section indicates all ongoing goals, steps, follow up dates, etc. from all the tabs. They can be shown for all providers, your agency , just the current participant, or all family members. Goals can be set from any of the category tabs by selecting ADD New Goal from the fly-out menu, or by clicking on "Add Goal" from this page.
  2. This section compiles all the notes from the various tabs in one spot to give a general overview of recent activity and details that are important to the achievement plans. Notes can be added here or from any of the tabs on the participant profile.
  3. If the "Alerts" or "Restrictions" button is red, click on that to see pertinent information about the family or participant that may help in working with them.
  4. Click on "Participant Profile" to go to the "tabs" section.
  5. Clicking "Referral" brings up the directory of services in the community.
  6. The "Menu" button is an important feature, as it allows for quick and easy navigation.
  7. Clicking "Notepad" will bring up a "yellow pad" to capture conversation notes that can later be copied into detailed case notes.
  8. Clicking "Exit This Participant" will exit the participant and allow you ro LOG your time with them. This is very important, whether you are with the family member or working in the system in the office.
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