Release of Information (R.O.I.) & Locating the R.O.I.

It is VERY important to understand the Releases of Information or R.O.I. process which ensures information is being shared appropriately.

When a participant is entered the first time, or if the participant’s R.O.I. has expired, the user will receive a warning message indicating to either Update ROI, Continue without Updating, or Cancel.


•Select Update ROI: IF the participant would like to update the ROI and allow for the exchange of any information between agencies

• Select Continue Without Updating: IF the participant does not wish to allow or wish to update the exchange of information between agencies OR if your agency has a policy of using written ROI’s during intake and the information will be updated at a later date in the system. This will bring you to the goals/notes page.

•Select Cancel: to go back to the previous screen.

Locating the ROI:

The R.O.I. information is located:

  1. On the "info" tab and can be accessed by clicking on "Client ROI" from there
  2. OR By clicking "ROI" from the navigation menu.

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