R.O.I. Screen Elements

The ROI Screen contains the following information:

  • The agencies this participant is sharing information with will be listed on the left.

  • The categories of information available are along the top (These will be "grayed out" until you select "Change/Update" to alter the ROI)

  • The middle shows the status of each area/category of information for each agency in the release.

  • Each category can be either "Disclose/Receive" (GREEN) – meaning information can be Disclosed AND Received from and to the agency on the left. (Most beneficial in the majority of cases)

  • Second, a category could be "Receive" (YELLOW) – this setting allows information to be received from others, but no information entered by the agency on the left will be seen by others.

  • Third, a category can be marked NONE (RED) – meaning that no information will be disclosed by the agency on the left or received from other agencies by the agency on the left.

These settings apply to Tab Questions, Goals, Documents, Assessments, Classes and Notes for those categories unless the particular goal or note has been marked private.

Example: For the ROI in this example, almost all categories are being disclosed and received for the Uptown Empowerment Center. The Hope House is not receiving or disclosing anything in the Health category. And Center for Families is able to view any information entered into the Health category but any work done there will not be released to any other agencies as they are set to only receive information.

  • To Change or Update the fields, or add additional agencies for sharing, click on "Change/Update" to modify settings. The participants’ signature will be required.

  • Lastly, to print a copy of the current release, click "Print Current ROI"

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