Modifying The R.O.I.

After clicking on “Change/Update”, the screen will look slightly different at the top.

  • A new box appears allowing new agencies to be added to the ROI. Select the new agency from the drop down menu, click “Add Provider”, and they will appear on the left side of the ROI.
  • Remember: Adding an agency to this ROI releases visit dates and items/services received to all other agencies on the ROI, but does not release any of the tab category information. To share tab information, the matrix must be modified to yellow (Receive only) or Green (Disclose/ Receive)

Permission levels for each Agency and Each Category can be modified a variety of ways:

  • Clicking on any single permission circle will allow you to select from any of the three options individually.
  • Clicking on any row title, column title, or the corner “All” box will bring up a new red/yellow/green box above and enable you to modify the entire row, column or entire grid respectively.
  • If an agency is clicked on the left side, an additional option of “remove/delete” will appear allowing you to remove an agency from the ROI completely.
  • Once the permission settings reflect the participants’ desires, you must print the ROI for the participant to sign.

All changes to any Releases MUST BE PRINTED AND SIGNED by both you and the participant and STORED IN A LOCKED FILE CABINET ON THE SITE IT WAS SIGNED.

Clicking “PRINT” will generate a .PDF with a grid reflecting the settings, all release language, and a place for the participant along with a witness to sign (such as the case worker or counselor). A copy can be given to the participant if so desired and/or a copy must be kept on‐site in a locked file cabinet.

Final step: As a final safeguard of participant information, when saving the settings, the system will require the participants’ initials along with the initials of the user doing the modification. After this is complete, clicking “Done” will bring you back to the goals/notes screen.

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