Adding your Participants

Click on "Add a new participant" to be brought to the Participant Search screen. It is important to:

  1. Always click on "Search Participant" to ensure they are not already in the system; and
  2. if the name is not listed, Click the "Add Participant"

This is where the majority of the initial intake information will be entered:

1. Enter as much basic information as possible. SSN is not required unless the birthdate is not entered.

2. Click "Searchable" if it is not already checked. This is used to ensure duplicates are reduced and only allows the system to search on the participant. It does not relate to sharing information.

3. Enter as much of the extended intake information as possible (Note: Extended intake information is specific to each agency – your agencies extended intake questions are likely to be different from this screen).

4. Click “Save” and this information becomes part of their profile.

Note: If there are similar participants who have visited your agency or other agencies in the continuum their names will come up to ensure this is a new participant and not a duplicate.

1. The top shows the information you entered for this new participant

2. If one of the names brought up by the duplicate checker is the person you have entered, this indicates they already exist in the system, choose “Select Participant” so that the record it’s duplicated

3. If the person truly IS a new participant, would select “Save New Participant (Not Dup)”

4. If information is entered incorrectly, edit this by selecting “Edit New Participant”.

Following this screen is the Contact Information Screen.

Address (1) and contact information (2) can be added at this time, or later in the profile under the Household tab. To the right "Household" (3) relates to households. If a Household is to be set up with this person as the Head of Household, click on “Add Participant to New Household”. If adding them to an already existing household, bypass this for now. An address can be added by clicking “Add Address”.

When adding address information, the MPOWR system is able to validate the address entered comparing it to a national listing of legitimate addresses, and creates a common format for the addresses in the system. It’s recommended that each address is entered and then validated to ensure data accuracy.

  • When you type in the participants address you will see a large RED dot under the button "Validate this address".
  • After you click "Validate this address" this large dot will then turn GREEN and a new button "Use Validated Address" will appear.

After saving the contact information and clicking "Continue", a warning notification may popup indicating this participant has not yet completed a Release of Information (ROI). This can be completed at this time OR click "Continue without Updating" and go directly into the participant record.

Congratulations! You have now entered a new participant!

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