Add New Members To An Existing Household

From the Goals/Notes screen find the button labeled "Manage Household."

Click on "Add New Member" to be brought to a screen similar to the Add New Participant window. Enter the name and extended intake information of the new person on this screen.

The second page of the "Add Participant" screen is slightly different:

  • Note the address for the head of household is pre‐populated in the address box.

  • Also note there is now an added set of items indicating the Household name as well as drop down boxes that identify the relationship to the Head of Household as well as Caregiver Status if applicable.

  • Add the new members contact information at this time, it can also be added later.

The person designated as the Head of Household is listed above the "Add New Member" button.

Clicking “Save” will return you to the Goals/Notes screen.

Adding new members to an existing household can also be done on the Participant Search screen. Clicking on “Add to Household” on the right side will walk you through the same steps as above to add new members.

Note: You must have the “Show Household” Information checkbox checked in order to see “Add to


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