Sharing Data Across Partners

Follow the steps below to clear the yellow notepad:

"View" under "Current Tab" –view a pop‐up showing data Uptown Empowerment Center has for this tab to compare your data and theirs

"Copy" under "Current Tab "–copy that data from Uptown Empowerment Center to your own tab and make it your own with one click.

"Copy" under "All Tabs" –copy all the shared tabs that Uptown Empowerment Center has data for at the same time, avoiding having to copy each tab one at a time.

MPOWR was built on the premise that human service providers and related organizations are more efficient and more effective when they work together as a team. One key aspect of working together is being aware of what everyone is doing with the participants we share. This allows each partner to focus on their areas of expertise while working with others to provide additional supports, therefore allowing for more holistic care.

Of course, no data is shared without the proper permissions as all data sharing is driven by the participants’ desires and comfort level. Please see the section on our Release of Information (R.O.I.) for more on how that is accomplished.

MPOWR has a variety of methods for sharing data across a community:

  • Items given, Services received, and Agencies visited are all tracked and can be viewed across the community
  • Goals and Goal Steps can be shared so all partners are aware of what is being worked on by the participant AND goals can be worked on together, allowing more than one partner to enter, modify, and complete goals that are shared with another agency.
  • Case notes can be shared or marked private as desired and appropriate.
  • Assessments can be taken at one location and viewed or printed at another location
  • Field and Tab data can be viewed and copied so the most recent information is available across partners
  • Referrals can be made electronically between agencies for easier communication
  • Messages can be sent internally and securely between partners

Each of these areas are covered in their own section of this manual in further detail, however, described below are specific sharing and data exchange features that are related to tab and field data: the View Collaboration Data button and the Collaborative Tabs feature. These features are mutually exclusive so if one is turned on, the other, be default, is not active.

View Collaboration Data Button:

On each of the tabs is a button labeled Viewing Collaboration Data located above the Notes section of the tab. This button allows a case worker to view and copy the data that has been entered by other providers who are set up to share that information. This allows for easier data entry, reduced "agency time" for the participant, and consistent information across partners.

The View Collaboration Data button will open a table showing any Provider who is setup to share that tab’s information with your provider. Below, note Uptown Empowerment Center has filled out information regarding Community Service and their R.O.I. allows for the sharing of that information with Hope House.

Note: There MAY be other agencies that have completed this tab, but only those who have been given permissions via the R.O.I. to share with the active agency will appear on the table.

IMPORTANT: This will not allow you to view all tabs before copying and will overwrite any information on your agency tabs, replacing it with the agency tabs selected. This is a good initial intake option but is less profitable to use once you have your own tab data to be concerned about.

Note: If there were no Providers set up to share information for that tab would be a blank grid:

Note: Copy Fields copies ALL FIELDS for that tab, individual fields cannot be chosen and copied over. Copying fields WILL OVER-WRITE and data previously entered on your record.

The responses have been imported and the Collaboration Grid indicates we are Currently Viewing Hope House's data with the option to View Uptown Empowerment Center's Data.


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