Adding Goal Steps

Goals usually require multiple steps along the way to complete. The MPOWR system is designed with this in mind and allows for two types of goal steps to be entered within any broader goal, Referral Goal Steps and Manual Goal Steps.

Sending Referrals (Referral Goal Steps)

Referrals can be made electronically between agencies with MPOWR. Agencies can then track their referrals, monitor the responses to those referrals, and monitor the outcomes of those referrals. Referrals are made from the goal for which you are seeking assistance. The MPOWR Referral button is located on the Goal Edit screen inside the details of the goal and directly below the Goals/Steps section of the screen.

Clicking on "MPOWR Referral" will bring up the provider directory search screen.

Note: Referrals can be made to both "internal" agencies (other agencies that are using MPOWR within your community) and "external" agencies.

Example: To add a step of completing a resume to the goal of getting a full‐time job, refer the participant to an agency that offers a resume development class.

To achieve this, click the "MPOWR Referral" button, (see image above) and click "Search Providers" on the next screen.

This will bring up the Provider search screen.

There are three options to search from: Provider Name ‐ if the name of the agency is known; By Service Provided – to search based on function; and By Individual – to search staff at other agencies.


1. For this example, choose the "By Service Provided" tab

2 – 4. After choosing the category (2) and Service (3), click the "Search" button (4) to find a provider associated with this service and any keywords used when searching

5. A list of agencies will come up at the bottom. To verify the best fit, review the agency details by clicking "Details" next to the name. Once you find what you are looking for, check the check‐box.

6. After clicking the check box, click on "Select" at the top right.

This will bring up the final screen.

Note: Each agency must have a referral recipient in order to receive referrals. If a referral recipient is NOT set up at the referral agency, the system will generate the warning below. If you need assistance setting up those roles, contact support at


Final Referral screen:

1.Select from the list of referral recipients the person to whom you are sending the referral.

2. Click "Send/Save" to complete the referral.
IF the "Create Goal Step" checkbox was selected (recommended) the referral becomes part of the participants’ achievement plan as a goal step. That step will then automatically be marked complete when the referral is accepted OR when the follow‐up note is entered, depending on your preference.

Manual Goal Steps:

In Manual Goal Steps, type the goal step definition or choose one from the drop down list if applicable. Click on "Add Step" on the goal edit screen to add what is needed.

1.Enter the description of the Goal Step in the Goal Step text box and click SAVE.

 Note: If there were pre‐defined steps available for this goal they could be viewed by using the drop down arrow on the right side of the Goal Step text box.

2.  The responsibility of the step can be noted here by selecting "Client" or "Agency" from the drop down.


Goal Step Status:

3.  Completing goal steps and marking them private relate to the status of the goal step.

• Goal Steps are considered Active unless the Completed box is checked (see above). The status can be changed to Complete by clicking the "Edit" button next to the Goal Step on the Goal Editor screen.

• Goals can be flagged as Private which will prevent other providers from seeing the information.

•Referral and Advocacy: These are used by some providers to denote the following –

Referral: Staff will give the participant the name of an agency to contact and a referral letter(if needed).                                                                                         

Advocacy: Staff will contact the agency/provider to set up an appointment for the participant.



Entering Notes:

Entering notes is straightforward. Similar to goals, notes can be added in a variety of places within MPOWR. The first is on the middle right of every tab on the participant profile. (See illustrations below)

Two additional places to add notes are at the bottom of the Goals/Notes page, or from the flyout navigation menu which can be accessed anywhere.

Click on "Add Note" and a note editor box will pop up.

  1.  Select the note category.

  2.  The default is "today’s date", however, it can be modified.

  3.  Enter the note with enough detail to assist in working with the participant.

  4.  Spell check before saving.

  5.  Save the note.

 Note: Notes may not be deleted from the system due to legal implications, but they may be made "inactive" uncheck the "Active" button and it will not appear.

 Note: As with goals, sensitive notes can be marked "Private" and will only be seen by the agency that entered the note.

Tip: All notes appear both on the tab for the category where they apply as well as on the Goals/Notes page where all notes can be seen together.

Completing a Goal:

To complete a goal on the Goal/Notes screen, find the goal in the Goals & Outcomes section. Click on the "Details" next to the goal line.

1. Click on the drop down arrow next to "Status" in the Goal Completion section of the Goal Edit screen and select the appropriate option (Completed, Drop, Abandoned, etc.):

Note: Goals cannot be deleted. If a goal is entered in error you must use the "DeleteMistake" status and it is always a good practice to enter a note detailing the error.

TIP! To see All Goals (active, inactive, complete, and abandoned, etc.) click the radio button "All Goals/Notes" in the "Show" section in the middle of the page on the Goals/Notes screen


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