Referrals and How to Create One

There are two types of referrals in the MPOWR system, MPOWR Referrals (electronic) and Quick Referrals.

MPOWR Referrals are sent electronically between agencies and allow agencies to track referrals, monitor the responses to those referrals, and monitor the outcomes of those referrals.

Quick Referrals tracks referrals but does not provide the same referral "loop" as electronic referrals.

Sending Electronic Referrals

Note: Referrals can be made to both "internal" agencies (other agencies that are also using MPOWR within your community) and "external" agencies.

IMPORTANT: Each agency MUST have a person set up in MPOWR as the "referral recipient" before referrals can be sent to them. If a referral recipient is not set-up in the system, MPOWR will not be able to send an electronic referral as the system will not know where to send the referral.

Example: A participant needs a step of "completing a resume" added to the goal of getting a full‐time job. To achieve this, refer the participant to an agency that offers a resume development class.


Click on "Add Goal” at the bottom of the screen. 

After selecting “Add Goal”, the next screen “Goal Editor” will develop this goal into steps to complete the following:

Goal Category-Employment


Goal Definition-Complete a written resume

Select “Save” which will prompt you to develop Goal Steps to complete this goal.


Under Goal Steps, you will select “Make Referral” to bring up the provider directory screen.

After clicking the "Make Referral" button, click on the "Search Providers" button on the next screen.

This will bring up the Provider search screen. There are three options to search from: Provider Name ‐ if the name of the agency the referral is being sent to is known; By Service Provided – to search based on function, and by Individual – to search staff at other agencies.

(1) For this example, choose the "By Service Provided" tab

(2) - (4) After choosing the Category and Service, click the "Search" button to find a provider associated with this service and any keywords used during the search.

(5) A list of agencies will come up at the bottom. Review the agency details to determine the best fit by clicking "Details" next to the name. Check the box with the most appropriate fit.

(6) After clicking the check box, click on "Select" at the top right.


This will bring up the final screen.

Note: If there is not a referral recipient at the agency receiving the referral, the system generates the warning below. Recipients must be already set-up with each agency. For assistance setting up those roles, contact support at

Select the referral recipients name from the list of referral recipients.


Click "Send/Save" to complete the referral.

The referral becomes part of the participants’ achievement plan as a goal step. That step will automatically be marked complete when the referral is accepted OR when the follow‐up note is entered, depending on agency preference.


Receiving Electronic Referrals

Once referrals are sent, the recipient of those referrals will notice a notification on their main dashboard indicating a new referral has been received. The recipient will also receive a message in their external email system as well as their MPOWR message box

Three key points of information on the dashboard:

Referral ID number

Agency making the referral

Name of the referred participant


Note: If the name of the participant is not visible, it indicates the R.O.I. has not yet been completed and opened between the referring agency and your agency for this participant.

Click on the referral in Incoming Notifications from the dashboard-See below:

Additional information regarding the referral can be found here:

Agency that sent the referral

Staff member log‐in that sent the referral

Staff member referral was sent to (referral recipient)

Agency referral was sent to

Participant info (ID and Name)

Any notes included in the original referral would appear here

Adding a Status Note with additional information about the decision to accept or decline the referral is optional and can be done here.

"Accept" or "Decline" the referral (this will be recorded in the MPOWR system)

Note: The "Mark Complete" box can be checked to have the goal step on the sending side of this referral auto‐completed at this point. Many times, agencies prefer to have this auto‐complete during the next step, which relates to the referral Outcome instead.

In some cases, a review of the goal associated with this referral is warranted. If so, click "Goals/Notes".

Once a referral is accepted or declined, an additional screen will appear. Complete the outcome status when the referral is accepted OR come back to this screen once the participant shows up (or does not show up) and record the outcome at that time.


Quick Referrals

Quick Referrals can be accessed from the fly‐out menu or in the upper right-hand corner under Provider Directory / Quick Referral. Quick Referrals tracks referrals for reporting purposes and provides an option to print the referral list to give to participants; however, it does not provide the same referral "loop" as electronic referrals.

The referral is saved and documented in the Referrals report located in analytics-the reporting tool – it in NOT documented in the participant's individuals record. Click to "Return" to go back to the Participant Profile or "Print" using one of the three print options to print a copy of the Quick Referral List for the participant.







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