MPOWR Mail Messaging

Click on "View Mail"


On this screen MPOWR users can create New Messages, Read existing and previous messages, move messages to the Trash and delete messages.

There are 3 types of messages.

Click the "Compose" button to see the types.

  1. Continuum Level Messages are sent by the Continuum Administrator. They are sent to everyone in the Continuum. These could be messages to alert MPOWR users to changes or new features.

  2. Provider Level Messages are sent by the Provider Administrator or Security Officer. They are sent to everyone who is a member of your Provider Agency. These messages are not shared with other Providers in the Continuum.

  3. User Level Messages are sent to selected users who are members of the Provider that was chosen.


Similar to many messaging systems, the process is straightforward:

  1. Choose the message level/type

  2. Choose the agency

  3. Choose the users and click "Add"

  4. Compose message

  5. Click "Send"

The sent Message will now appear on your Mailbox Screen

To Read messages:

A number next to the View Messages notice in the upper right corner of the screen indicates unread messages.


Once in the mailbox, new messages will be in bold…click on "View Mail" to see the message.

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