The NOTEPAD is found on the bottom of the Goals/Notes screen and is designed to be an easy place to capture notes temporarily, like one would do on a "Yellow Pad" when talking on the phone or in a session. These notes are designed to be transferred and "filed" on the tabs where they belong at a later date/time:

Clicking on "Notepad" generates the Notepad Edit Screen:

IMPORTANT: Notes entered here are NOT considered case notes until they are moved and filed under a category in the system. The Notepad is NOT intended to be used for permanent case notes but for temporary placement while on the phone or in session.


Moving Notepad Notes to Case Notes

Follow the steps below to file temporary notes from the "yellow notepad" in the appropriate place:

  • First, select the portion of the note to save as a case‐note.
  • Cut/copy and paste the selection

  • Edit/clean‐up the note to better reflect a file‐able case note instead of free‐form thoughts, making them concise, easy to read, and contain expanded information that was gathered in the conversation.

  • Select the category

  • Select the date these notes were taken (the default date will be the current date, so back‐date the information if necessary.

  • Saving the note will make them a permanent part of the participant’s record. The note will be viewable on the tab in which it was filed under (in this case, Housing) as well as the Goals/Notes page.

Tip: Before clicking the "Save"button, it is highly recommended to use Spell Check.

After the note is "Saved" you can Delete the Note but you do need to provide a reason for deleting.

IMPORTANT: As with all notes in the system, mark sensitive notes "private" causing them to remain view-able only to the agency that entered them.

Note: Clicking "Save" will save the note and clear the note box.

Follow the steps below to clear the yellow notepad:

  • Click Clear All to clear the screen
  • Click Save to save the blank screen

  • Click Close to close the window

Note: Remember to Click the "Save" button here or the old note will appear next time the Notepad is opened.

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