Collaborative Tabs

Another primary way agencies can share tab/field data is by turning on "Collaborative Tabs." This is the most collaborative way agencies can keep track of the most recent and up to date answer for tab questions across the community.

Note: Collaborative Tabs must first be turned on at the continuum level and can be turned on and off at the agency level after that.

The easiest way to know if Collaborative Tabs is turned on is that you will see the "Collaborative Data" and "My Data" radio buttons at the top each tab. This allows for toggling between the most recent answer from across the continuum and your own data for that field.

Note: If Collaborative Tabs is turned on, the View Collaborative Data button will be grayed out and inactive.

"Collaborative Data" will show the most recent information from any agencies that have opened sharing via the R.O.I. "My Data" will show your most recently saved tab data.

IMPORTANT: If your data is the most recent across the continuum, clicking "My Data" will not change what is displayed on the tab.


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