Classroom/Events Module

Agencies offer a variety of events and classes that require registration, regular attendance, and often include incentives for completion. This is possible to track and implement with MPOWR using the Classroom/Event Module.

To register individuals for a class or event, the event first needs to be created. To do so, go to the Classroom/Events Dashboard by clicking on “View Classes” from the main home screen.

There are several options on the Classroom Dashboard:


The dashboard is broken into a few different sections:

(1) The Class/Event section at the bottom is where classes or events are created, completed, edited, or deleted.

a. Select “Add Class” to create new events or classes

b. Select “Finalize Class” when an event is complete to lock the data for that class so it can no longer be edited

c. “Edit Class” allows for basic data regarding the class to be modified

d. “Delete Class” removes the class from the screen

(2) The Sessions section at the top is where you work with the events and classes that you have created.

a. Edit the various sessions of a class here

b. Edit who is enrolled in each class

c. View attendance over the life of the class

d. Brings up a screen that allows for attendance to be taken or allows for a print off those who are scheduled to attend the class

(3) The radio buttons indicate “Open” classes which can still be modified OR “Finalized” to view the classes that can no longer be edited.

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