Creating A Class/Event

Clicking on "Add Class" (1A) brings up the Add Class Entry Screen:

1. Add class name and leader/instructor

2. Enter the class capacity

3. Enter the first date of the class (End date will auto-calculate based on number of sessions below)

4. Select the category for the class/event and enter a description

5. Resources can be tied to classes:

a. This is the listing that will appear on the services list each them a participant attends a class

b. This is a resource that may be given to a person as an incentive to attend, such as a bus token

c. This is the incentive received upon graduation for the class. Enter the % of attendance required to graduate.

6. Click "Add Sessions" to modify the number, days, and times for the class or event. These can be repeating events.

7. Finally, select from all clients who are enrolled. This list can be altered at any time up until the class is finalized, which does not occur until the class is completed.

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