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MPOWR has three options for reporting: (IZENDA is not updated to 1.25 VERSION YET)

1. The built-in usage reports located on the info tab aid users in working with participants.

2. The reporting tools allows for the creation and running of most reports within MPOWR, and

3. For certain administrators, large data exports can be made available for custom data analysis.

Info Reports:

Located on the "info tab" within MPOWR is a box with a listing of frequently needed reports to use with participants.


Select the desired report and click on "Print Selected Report" to generate a pop-up window with the information requested. The parameters in these reports cannot be modified.


NOTE: The most commonly used reports are the "1.2 Participant Goal and Step Summary" and "1.6 Collaborative Goal and Step Summary". Both of these reports produce printable detail that shows all the goals, with steps, that a participant is working on. 1.2 shows goals and steps from the current agency only and 1.6 shows goals and steps for the agencies in the network available to via the R.O.I. The reports can be signed and sent home with the participant for a shared understanding of what is being worked on.

Analytics Reporting:

Analytics provides a powerful reporting tool and is accessed from the main System Dashboard. This is a third-party provider that MPOWR has partnered with to enhance end-user reporting capabilities. They have their own user manual and help, designed to teach you how to use these tools which can be accessed at:


*To aid the casual report user, follow these steps for building a simple report to get started in getting the needed data*

Click on the "iZenda Reports" menu item from the System Dashboard.

A list of folders containing reports will pop up:

This is completely flexible and customizable listing of reports that you will create, matching the specification of your data needs.

1. Only those MPOWR users that have system permissions to design new reports and/or dashboards will see the top two menu items. this is where new reports and files are created. These can be made available to others for access running, or viewing.

2. The folders available are determined by the report administrator. They can be updated or modified at any time.

3. MPOWR will provide a list of sample/stock reports to your continuum for common use across the network.





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