Entering Notes

Entering your notes are straight forward. Similar to goals, notes can be added in a variety of places within MPOWR. The first on the middle right of every tab on the participant profile. (See illustrations below)



Two additional places to add notes are at the bottom of the Goals/Notes page, or from the fly-out navigation menu which can be accessed anywhere.


Click on "Add Note" and a note editor box will pop up. (See Below)

  1. Select the note category
  2. The default is "today's date", however it can be modified
  3. Enter the note with enough detail to assist in working with the participant
  4. Spell check before saving
  5. Save the note

Notes may not be deleted from the system due to legal implications, but they may be made "inactive" to do this uncheck the "Active" button and it will not appear.

As with goals, sensitive notes can be marked "Private" and will only be seen by the agency that entered the note.

*All notes appear both on the tab for the category where they apply as well as on the Goals/Notes page where all notes can be seen together*

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