Navigating the System

This article explains how to drive through the MPOWR Envision system from any screen in the application using the following features and search functions:

  1. Navigation Menu: Click the Menu icon in the top-left corner to access the Navigation menu. From the menu, you can access the Dashboard, navigate to specific areas of a Strategic Plan, and if you have permission, click the Strategic Plans Plus (+) sign to create new Strategic Plans.
  2. Company Logo: Click the company logo to return to the Dashboard.
  3. Search Box: Enter search words to search within your Strategic Plans. You can also click the drop-down to filter your search.
  4. Quick Add: Click to add progress notes on any entity within your Strategic Plan. Using the Quick Add feature, the progress note will automatically enter the Assign/Draft widget on your dashboard. It will not be visible to other users until you publish it to a location.
  5. User Profile: Click your avatar logo to update your profile, set e-mail preferences, link to external storage services (such as Dropbox), access the Help Center, or log out.
  6. Breadcrumb Trail: Click a section within the trail to go back one or more levels within your Strategic Plan.


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