Create a New Strategic Plan

  1. Click the Menu icon in the top-left of the Dashboard.


  2. When the side menu appears, click the Plus icon next to Strategic Plans.


  3. When the window appears, complete these steps:

    Note: You can complete steps c through e at a later time, if necessary.

    1. Enter a name for your Strategic Plan.
    2. Enter text for your Strategic Plan’s Mission, Vision, and Values. You could also choose to enter this information at a later time as you are building out and revising your Strategic Plan.
    3. Click Select members to choose members for your Strategic Plan.
    4. Click Select role and choose the role your members will have in your Strategic Plan. If you selected multiple members, the role that you choose will be applied to all of the selected members.
    5. Click Add to add the members to your Strategic Plan. The members and their roles are added at the bottom of the screen.
    6. Click Publish when you are finished.


Your new Strategic Plan is now added to the Dashboard under the My Strategic Plans widget.

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