Add a Strategy to your Segment

Strategies are broad action items that a team takes on to help achieve the primary goal of the Segment within your Strategic Plan. Within a Strategy you can have multiple Objectives, Tactics, and Action Items. To create a Strategy, complete these steps:

  1. Access the desired Segment within your Strategic Plan using one of these methods:
    From the Dashboard, click the name of your Strategic Plan from the My Strategic Plans widget and then either access your Segment by clicking the Segment name in the pie chart or the Segment widget. In this example, we are accessing Human Resources segment. AddNewStrategy-1.png 
    From the top-left corner of the application, click the Menu icon and scroll to the name of your Segment. In this example, we are accessing the Enhancing livelihood segment.  AddNewStrategy-2.png
  2. Click the Strategy plus icon.


  3. When the New Strategy window opens, complete these steps:
    1. Enter a Name for your Strategy.
    2. Press the Tab key on your computer to autofill the tag for your Strategy.
    3. Enter a description for your Strategy.
    4. Enter any additional categorization tags that will make this Strategy easily searchable. Press the Return key after each entry.  Categorization Tags are key words that you can add to entities within the Strategic Plan to make them easier to group and find. For example, you could assign the tag finance to all items related to Finance initiatives. You can then easily locate all Strategic Plan entities with that tag by searching for the tag name, or by clicking on the tag’s link while viewing an entity.
    5. To change the owner of a Strategy, click the Select Owner drop-down.
    6. Click Publish if you are finished or Save as draft to save the Strategy without publishing to your Segment. Click Cancel to delete this Strategy.


    The new Strategy appears within the Segment:


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