Familiarize Yourself with the Dashboard

The Dashboard is your landing page upon initial sign in to the system. The Dashboard is made up of Dashboard widgets. Dashboard widgets are configurable display boxes that show key aspects of your Strategic Plans. See Set Up My Dashboard for more information on how to configure these widgets on your Dashboard.


  1. My Strategic Plans shows all Strategic Plans you are assigned to. Click a Strategic Plan name to access that Strategic Plan’s Strategy Overview page.
  2. Reminders shows a chart of Tactics/Action Items that have reminders set. These reminders are based on the Target Date set by a user on a Tactic/Action Item:
    1. Updates Required shows the Tactics/Action Items that require updates.
    2. Current is 1 week or more away from being due.
    3. Coming Due is within the next few days.
    4. Due is today.
    5. Late is past due.
    6. Click each bar to see additional details of items in each category.
  3. Strategy Health shows a pie chart of the red, yellow, green, and gray status within a Strategic Plan. Click on each colored portion of the chart to access details on the entities within your Strategic Plan that fall under a specific color.
  4. My Work shows a list of all Strategic Plan entities (Segments, Strategies, Objectives, Tactics, and Action Items) assigned to you. Click on each entity to access that specific portion of the Strategic Plan.
  5. Activity Feed is a running list of the activity in a Strategic Plan. Click on any item to view that area of the Strategic Plan. You can also:
    • Click the Note icon to create a Progress Note on a specific item in the activity feed.
    • Click the Eyeball icon to make yourself a collaborator on an item.
  6. Progress Notes shows a running list of all the Progress Notes entered in a Strategic Plan.
  7. Assign/Draft keeps anything that you have in draft status until you publish it or assign it to an entity within a Strategic Plan. This includes Progress Notes/Quick Adds and new entities created within a Strategic Plan that were “Save as Draft”.
  8. My Teams shows avatars for everyone assigned to your team. Click on a person to view all of the work assigned to them.
  9. KPI Metrics shows any chosen Key Performance Indicator metrics here for easy access.


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