Add Segments to Your Strategic Plan

Segments hold the main stakeholder areas within your Strategic Plan. For example, departments within your organization, such as Human Resources and Marketing.

To create a Segment within your Strategic Plan, complete these steps:

  1. From the Dashboard, click the name of your Strategic Plan under the My Strategic Plans widget.


  2. When the Strategy Overview screen appears, you can either click the Plus sign at the top of the screen or scroll down to click the Segment plus icon to begin adding your Segment.


  3. When the New Segment window appears:
    1. Enter a name for your new Segment.
    2. Press the Tab key on your computer to automatically populate the tag field.
    3. Enter a description for your new Segment.
    4. Click the Select Owner drop-down and choose an owner for this Segment.
    5. Click Publish.


As you continue to add more Segments, the pie chart on the Strategy Overview screen begins to build to reflect each new Segment. In this example, a new Segment named “Human Resources” was added.


The Segments are also added to the Segment widget. Each segment is automatically color-coded based upon the health (progress) of the entities within the Segment. In these examples, all segments are gray as they are newly created and have not had any activity associated with them. They will change colors as you update the Tactics and/or Action Items associated with this Segment. The colors assigned will roll up into the overall colors of plan health. If the initiative is moving along and making good progress and there is confidence it will reach it's goal, it is tagged green. Yellow tags represent cautious optimism and red tags indicate a need for additional attention to make established goals.


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