Edit or Close a Tactic/Action Item

As you and your team make progress in achieving the goals of your Strategic Plan, you will need to complete regular updates to your Tactics or Action Items in order to track the overall health of a Strategic Plan.

To edit or close a Tactic or Action Item, complete these steps:

  1. Navigate to your Tactic/Action within your Strategic Plan.
  2. After you click on the name of your Tactic/Action Item, the entity’s window appears and allows you to update/edit the following fields:
    1. Revise the Start, Target, or Closed Date as necessary. In this example, there is a Red alert under the title. To remove this alert, you need to either push out the Target Date or close the entity if is it completed.
    2. Revise the Frequency if you wish the change the frequency with which you need to update the entity.
    3. Revise the Priority from Low, to Medium, to High based on the importance of the entity.
    4. Revise the Sensitivity if access to this entity needs to be restricted to certain user levels.
    5. Hover over the name of the Owner and then click the Pencil icon that appears to change the Owner of the entity.
    6. Hover over the area and click the Pencil icon to revise the Title and Description.
    7. Color code the health of this entity depending on the progress. For example, if you are closing this entity, set the color to green. The colors assigned here will roll up into the overall colors of plan health. If the initiative is moving along and making good progress and you have confidence it will reach it's goal, tag it green. Tag yellow for cautious optimism. Tag red for needing additional attention to make established goals.
    8. Assign a Status to this entity. The choices are Closed, Pending, In Progress, On Hold, or Cancelled.
    9. Add or remove tags if necessary.


Note: When a Tactic or Action Item is set to Closed, it no longer appears underneath its associated Objective or Strategy but you can still access it as these two examples show:

In this example, when we click on the Tactic/Action Item from the pie chart, it appears to the right of the chart with a status of Closed.


In this second example, from the Tactic/Action Item page, click the Show drop-down and select All Inactive.


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