Set up a Critical Success Factor

Critical Success Factors are the things you MUST get right for your organization to be successful. They are not necessarily a level in your Strategic Plan cascade, but are still connected through multiple layers of the plan. Critical Success Factors should be agreed upon by all on the team.

To set up a Critical Success Factor, complete these steps:

  1. From your Strategic Plan, click the breadcrumb at the top of the page and select Critical Success Factors.


  2. Click the Critical Success Factors plus icon.


  3. When the new Critical Success Factors window opens, complete these steps:
    1. Enter a name for your Critical Success Factor.
    2. Press the Tab key on your computer to populate this field based on the title of your Critical Success Factor.
    3. Click the Select Owner drop-down to choose an owner for this Critical Success Factor.
    4. Enter a description for your Critical Success Factor. Give a description that lends clarity to what the Critical Success Factor is and why it is important, or a target state of what you want that Critical Success Factor to look like.
    5. Enter or select categorization tags. Use key words or phrases that ‘tag back’ to this specific Critical Success Factor. The tags are clickable and will pull up everything with the same tag.
    6. Click Publish when you are finished. If not, click Save as draft or Cancel. If you save as draft, it will automatically populate in the Assign/Draft widget on the Dashboard.


  4. After you publish, click on your new Critical Success Factor to assign a status. The default is Pending when first created.


  5. Add Related Links to your Critical Success Factor that will automatically give your Critical Success Factor a health status color pulled from everything linked to it. This image shows an example of a Critical Success Factor with Related Links.


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