Add Related Links to an Entity within a Strategic Plan

Use the Related Links feature to add a link to anything in another part of a Strategic Plan that may be relevant. This can be a cross-reference, or a web URL that is pertinent to the entity.

To add a related link, complete these steps:

  1. Click on the Chain link icon located on the right of the screen within an entity.


  2. Click the Related Links plus icon.


  3. Choose from the following options:


    If you are adding a web link: 

    1. Click Web Link.
    2. Paste the URL in the Paste Link field.
    3. Enter a Display Name for the URL.
    4. Click Publish to add the link or Cancel to cancel the entry.

    If you are adding an internal link: 

    1. Click Internal Link.
    2. Click the Select drop-down to choose an entity within the currently Strategic Plan.
    3. Click Publish to add the link or Cancel to cancel the entry.

The link is posted to the entity and can be accessed by clicking the Chain icon. Additionally, as links are added to an entity, the number of Related Links associated with an entity appears next to the Chain icon.

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