Add Yourself or Others as Collaborators on a Strategy, Objective, Tactic/Action Item

Collaborators are part of your Strategic Plan’s elements (Strategy, Objective, Tactic, and Action Item) from a ‘need to know’ or a ‘need to do’ perspective. They will receive ‘real time’ updates made to that specific entity.

To add yourself as a collaborator on an entity, choose one of the following options:

From the Activity Feed widget in the Dashboard, click on the Eyeball icon for a specific entity.  AddCollaborator-2.png 
Browse to the specific entity and click the Eyeball icon in the top-right corner.   AddCollaborator-1.png

To add yourself or others as a collaborator on an entity, complete these steps:

  1. Browse to the specific entity.
  2. Click the Collaborators tab.
  3. Click the Collaborators plus icon and add collaborators.


  4. Add collaborators and click Publish.


Note: When Collaborators are added to an entity, the number of collaborators associated with the entity appears next to the Collaborator icon.

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