Move Entities within a Strategic Plan

If necessary, you can move entities within a Strategic Plan from one location to another. For example, move a Strategy from one Segment to another Segment.

To move entities, complete these steps:

  1. From the top-left corner of the application, click the Menu icon to access the Navigation menu.
  2. Expand your Strategic Plan and select Settings > Move Entities.


  3. Use your cursor to drag and drop an entity from one location to another.

    In this example, we are moving the Strategy called “Increase recruiting by 10%” from the Human Resources Segment to the Purchasing Segment. The new location will highlight, indicating that this move is allowed. You cannot move a child entity to another location in order to change the level of the child entity.


Note: To duplicate an entity so that it can reside in multiple locations, click the ellipses next to the entity, click Duplicate, and repeat the steps in this procedure.


Note: To delete an entity, click the ellipses next to the entity and click Delete.


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